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Debt Collection & Receivership

When they owe and you need help making them pay

Debt Collection & Receivership

Texas is one of the toughest states for a creditor to collect on a business debt. Thankfully, our experienced and dedicated team of attorneys is here to provide creditors a variety of tools to use to collect debts — before, during and after a lawsuit is filed.

At Ferrer Law Firm, we know how to collect commercial debts, enforce judgments, and maximize your return on investment. We will work tirelessly to meet any resistance head-on and energetically pursue the successful results our clients have come to expect. We know how to find those hidden assets in order to maximize your recovery, and we are here to provide your business with regular status updates.

Our team’s extensive background across a broad spectrum of collection work makes Ferrer Law Firm uniquely qualified to represent creditors at all levels. From collections and judgments to adversary proceedings and appeals, Ferrer Law Firm will work tirelessly and aggressively pursue collections and defend the product or service in question.

The attorneys of Ferrer Law Firm represent businesses and creditors statewide. We can collect judgments for a wide range of clientele, including industrial clients, energy producers/traders, retailers and service companies, banks and lenders, the manufactured housing industry and businesses in any sector.

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