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It’s no surprise that out clients have nothing but good things to say about Ada Ferrer and the Ferrer Law Firm. Whether you’re in need of corporate litigation, involved in a business dispute or need debt collection or receivership assistance, the Ferrer Law Firm can help!

John Valenzano

We recently enlisted Ada in a debt collection and breach of contract suit against a former client. Her counsel and service was invaluable throughout the process.

Gayle Christopher

When involved in corporate litigation with a former customer, Ada Ferrer was my first and only choice to call. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciated her help and consistent communication during a very difficult time.

Brenda Wilson

Thank you, Ada. Without your assistance, I don’t know how we could have handled our business dispute without spending thousands more. You’re the best!

Rayshell Clapper

Ada and her associates are top notch and more than capable to handle your legal needs. I can’t recommend them enough and urge you to retain. If you need an attorney, Ada can help!

About the Ferrer Law Firm

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About Ada Ferrer

Ada Ferrer is an experienced lawyer in Houston, Texas and a Burford Perry associate attorney who previously has proven her prowess and talent as Harris County District Attorney and as a partner at Ferrer, Tu, & Payne PLLC.

What We Offer All Our Clients

Not all law firms are created equal. Here’s what we bring to the table.


Strong Integrity


High Reliability


Extensive Knowledge


Dogged Determination

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